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We strive to meet the diverse needs of all our customers, offering varying levels of service depending on how active a role you wish to or have time to invest yourselves.


Professional Landscaping Services and Pool Maintenance in Humble, TX

Swimming pools are a good investment since this will offer you and your family an outdoor retreat for a fun activity in the water or just an alone time to relax after a hectic week. Everybody loves swimming pools, males and females alike, the young and the old. So if you want to ensure that your pool is ready whenever you want to plunge into refreshing water, then you have to ensure regular pool maintenance in Humble, TX.

FSL Blue Pools has been in the industry for 27 years, providing excellent pool services such as maintenance, repair, renovation and installation. We have highly-trained and experienced crew, partnered with the latest technology, innovative techniques, and high quality cleaning solutions to provide not only full service pool cleaning and maintenance services but also outdoor home renovations and landscaping services in Humble, TX.

Importance of Regular Pool Maintenance
  • Keep Your Pool Clean and Safe – It is important to check the chemical levels of your swimming pool to ensure that these are within recommended levels. The chemicals put into the pool are responsible for both killing bacteria and other microorganisms and keeping the water crystal clear. If normal levels are not achieved, it can make your pool unsafe for swimming.
  • Keep Filtration System Functioning Well – The filtration system keeps the pool clean. However, over time, the parts of the system will break down with normal wear and tear. But regular cleaning of your pool and parts of the filtration system will prolong such a natural occurrence. Dislodge dirt and other accumulated debris and do reverse water flow to flush such particles.
  • Repair and Prevent Future Damages – Sometimes, homeowners just don't notice a critical damage such as a leak. If one keeps up with regular maintenance and goes through the walls and floor, then early signs of damages will be detected. Proper solutions will be provided in the soonest possible time before the problem worsens.

If you are in need of landscaping service, pool maintenance and pool equipment repair in Humble, TX, you can always count on FSL Blue Pools. We guarantee quality services that meet the diverse needs of all our clients. For more details, give us a call today at 713.446.6796.